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JPS Realty Partners is a market leader in providing Middle Tennessee with client-tailored real estate solutions for the health care industry and its related professional service support companies. Whether your specialty is patient care, dentistry, rehabilitation, health information technology, insurance, hospital management, outpatient surgery, disease management, biotechnology or clinical research, JPS will assist you with client-tailored real estate solutions to address your specific real estate need.

If you are considering moving your existing office, purchasing a building or relocating to the Nashville area, JPS will assist you with every aspect of the process:

  • Find market/off market space options near your executives’ housing.
  • Determine your exact space needs and configuration.
  • Provide market leverage to reduce the rent at your next location.
  • Negotiate rent concessions and build-out allowances.
  • Help negotiate and understand the fine points of the lease.
  • Provide understanding and insight about specific Landlords.
  • Anticipate the process and be pro-active to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Be responsive to your reporting needs.
  • Bid out contractors for space modifications.
  • Handle the transaction so you can concentrate on your operations.

If your office is in Middle Tennessee, then you are already aware that Nashville is recognized as the “Capital” of the health care industry. It is also well known for nurturing dynamic, innovative health care executives and companies such as yours. To better understand the health care industry's impact and influence in Middle Tennessee, the following are some key facts, provided by, about Nashville’s health care industry:

  • The Nashville health care industry contributes an overall economic benefit of nearly $30 billion and more than 210,000 jobs to the local economy annually.
  • Globally, 56 health care companies headquartered in Nashville generate more than $62 billion in revenue and nearly 400,000 jobs.
  • More than 250 health care companies have operations in Nashville and work on a multi-state, national or international basis, with more than 300 professional service firms (e.g., accounting, architecture, banking, legal) providing expertise in the health care industry, according to Nashville Health Care Council data.
  • Seventeen publicly traded companies are located in Nashville, with combined employment of more than 145,000 and revenue of nearly $26 billion globally.
  • The health care industry is Nashville’s largest and fastest-growing employer, directly employing 110,000.
  • One in eight Nashville workers is employed by a health care provider.
  • The Nashville health care industry generated $13 billion in personal income for the local economy in 2008.
  • The average annual wage of the Nashville health care industry is $53,000, significantly higher than the average Nashville wage of $39,000.
  • In 2008, total estimated taxes paid by the Nashville health care industry in Tennessee were $1.2 billion, which represents nearly 20 percent of all taxes collected in Nashville and 7 percent of all taxes collected in Tennessee in 2008.

The Nashville Health Care Council is an association of health care industry leaders working together to further establish Nashville's position as the nation's health care industry capital.

 Three of the nation's industry segments were fostered in Nashville:

 Hospital management

 Freestanding outpatient surgery centers

 Physician practice management groups

Source: Nashville Chamber of Commerce