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Sports and Entertainment Division

The Entertainment Division at JPS Realty Partners was established to meet the needs of Tennessee’s growing entertainment and sports community.  Our services include: buying, selling, leasing (both long and short term) and relocation.

Our team of agents in the Entertainment Division has extensive experience working in a collaborative manner with agents, business managers, lawyers and press.  All of our Entertainment Division agents have a background in the entertainment industry, having worked in sectors such as artist management, festival production and promotion, talent booking, studio recording and publishing. Our longstanding relationships with entities in the entertainment industry allow us to cater to the precise needs of our clients and also to effectively and efficiently expose our listings to this niche market.

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Medical Office Building Dispositions

When physician partnerships, ambulatory surgery center developers and medical office investors are ready to create the best market to dispose of their real estate holdings, JPS  provides the essential combination of real estate knowledge, direct market delivery and investment banking knowledge needed to structure and implement the disposition of their real estate. JPS knows how to positions our client’s estate assets to make sure they are ready to meet the market’s demand for quality, continuous and secure income streams with income growth and property appreciation potential.

  • Outpatient Surgery and Endoscopy
  • Renal Dialysis
  • Medical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Rehabilitation
  • Laboratory Imaging

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Tenant Representation

If your company is considering moving its existing operations, purchasing a building or your company is considering relocating to the Nashville area, JPS will assist you with every aspect of the process:

  •        Find market/off market options near your executives’ housing or clients

  •        Determine your exact space needs and configuration

  •        Provide market leverage to reduce the rent at your next location

  •        Negotiate rent concessions and build-out allowances

  •        Help negotiate and understand the fine points of the lease

  •        Provide understanding and insight about specific Landlords

  •        Anticipate the process and be pro-active to avoid costly mistakes

  •         Be responsive to your reporting needs

  •         Bid out contractors for space and building modifications

  •         Handle the transaction so you can concentrate on your operations

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Land Dispositions and Acquisitions

Nowhere are complexity, knowledge, risk and return more intertwined than in buying and selling land for development. To address these risks and to meet and exceed our client’s goals, JPS provides a team of land specialists to take a relationship-oriented approach to the purchasing and selling of land. Our Land Specialists use their relationships and experience in urban planning, law, finance, architecture, engineering, public entitlements, environmental science and other disciplines to develop a winning strategy for their client’s holdings.

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Auction Alternative

To most buyers the word Auction means “Desperate”, ”Pennies On The Dollar”, “Unload”, “Just Get Rid Of It”, “Take What You Can Get”, etc… Not exactly the expectations you want from buyers submitting offers on your property! Most serious buyers have processes and protocols in order to make decisions and don’t often pursue auction properties because they feel, and justifiably so, that they won’t even have a chance of obtaining the property.

We send out our client’s properties directly to investors and user and don’t require buyers to register or set up accounts on our website. Our proprietary Direct Information Distribution expedites the usual brokerage cycle while still maximizing the final sale price. We don’t assume buyers are going to have the time or the knowledge to go to a specific web site and search that single website to find our client’s land. Most auction websites are promoting other competing listings directly on their website. A potential buyer looking for your property, more often enough, finds another suitable property on the same website!

There is NO cost to our clients unless JPS sells your property. We are motivated to sell your property NOT by putting on a sale. Are sales fees are less than most auctions and JPS has NO hidden charges(photography, promotion, insurance, or anything else) and NO Buyer Premiums(buyer premiums cut into the price a buyer is willing to pay for your land).

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Trust and Estate Advisory

We understand the family participants, individual priorities and asset protection which the Trustee, Planner, Manger or Advisor handles with regards to the administration of the real estate holdings of their clients. Successful management and preservation of these holdings require several parties, including a professional commercial real estate advisor. JPS provides these decision makers with the information and actions needed to eliminate their clients’ uncertainties over the administration of their real estate holdings. JPS does this by reducing taxes, reducing operating expenses, stabilizing asset value and maximizing existing/potential income streams.

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Supply Chain and Logistics

Strategically locating your facilities in relation to your suppliers and distribution centers—and ultimately, your customers—is a critical step in gaining control over ever-growing transportation costs. An effective supply chain can increase your earnings per share and also be a competitive weapon. To assist you, JPS Realty Partners offers dedicated supply chain & logistics corporate services.

Our sole purpose is to understand what it takes to make your real estate outsourcing experience successful—and then deliver it


JPS is a client-driven real estate advisory firm, which provides you with a cross-disciplined group of professionals who are dedicated to your account. Under the direction of a seasoned Corporate Services Manager, who acts as your business partner and advisor, our advisory team will collaborate with you to deliver the right combination of commercial occupancy services across Tennessee. We will provide you with the information you need—real-time and relevant—to enable you to lower costs and increase service levels and performance.

Questions that we help our logistics clients address, and anticipate, include the following:

*    Where is the best location for our new distribution center?

*    Which site, or building, is best suited for a new distribution center?

*    What are the best lease terms and conditions for the new distribution facility?

*    What is the best location when small package shipping time/cost is an overriding concern?

*    Which labor market is most favorable for a new distribution facility?

*    What government incentives could we expect from either expanding or establishing a new distribution center in an area?

*    What savings could be achieved via consolidation?

        *    What is the optimal design for our new distribution center?

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